Ario Integral. The complete package for safety and savings within your coach- or transport company, at a very competitive price.

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Code 95 Training

Driver Coaching


Ario Integral, in collaboration with Suivo, offers a complete solution for all your telematics needs. This package contains:

  • Sleep- and Attention Monitoring by Ario. Ario continuously measures the number of steering corrections that the driver makes during his ride and analyzes in real-time whether or not he is alert..
  • Digital tachograph reading by Suivo. By connecting with the tachograph in real-time you will see the driver’s status and an overview of who drove which vehicle at any given time.
  • Driving analysis by Suivo. Fuel consumption and your vehicle’s life cycle have an enormous impact on your expenses. The driving style of your drivers play a mayor role in this. Suivo allows you to monitor in real-time the acceleration, speed, curvature, stationary rotation and more. You can even involve your drivers in the analysis their driving behavior.

Code 95 Training

The professional competence is a supplement to the driving license that is required for all professional drivers with a category D driving licence.

The holder must follow a relevant 35-hour course, divided into 5 modules. The certificate of professional competence is indicated on the license with code 95.

Ario offers a theoretical training in Behavior-Based Safety  in collaboration with Atrium. In this training we will make your drivers aware of safe and sustainable driving behavior.

Driver Coaching

After this theoretical education, an on-the-job coaching course commences. After examining your driver’s driving style and drawing up an extensive report, a practical training based on this report begins.


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