Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

Ario is a sleep- and attention-monitoring system
designed for heavy duty commercial vehicles such as trucks and coaches

High return
on investment

Ario’s pricing is minimal compared to that of an accident waiting to happen.

Boost your

Ario’s presence tells your customers and drivers that their safety is your number one priority.


Ario was voted Best Concept of 2015 during the ‘Nacht van de KMO’ and received the ‘ECW Innovation Label 2015’, amongst other awards.


Ario can be installed by either your engineers or simply rely on our extensive network of professionals.

Our satisfied customers, reaching their destinations safely thanks to ARIO

Ario analyzes your drivers’ behavior and reports when it observes an interruption of attention based on the measured data.

We realize that your reputation as a safe and trustworthy transporter is crucial in recruiting new customers and skilled personnel. That is why we developed Ario, an attention-monitoring system that ensures that your drivers and their passengers or cargo arrive safely at their destination.

Drivers that used Ario testify that the system doesn’t interfere with their activities. It only indicates when the driver is distracted, not when exhibiting normal behavior. In addition, Ario does not need additional attributes that drivers see as a nuisance, such as glasses or body sensors. Just get in and drive!

Ario Sensor
Ario Blackbox


The Ario Sensor is mounted directly on the steering rod of your vehicle and responds to the smallest corrections your driver makes.


The Ario Blackbox is mounted below the dashboard and analyses the steering behavior of your driver.


The Ario Button with LED ring turns red when the system detects lack of attention or sleep. When there’s no response or correction from the driver, an auditory signal follows.




Accident-free miles with Ario

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